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Ria Viv’arte – Arts and Crafts Experiences in the Aveiro Region

Welcome to this project that invites you to discover our charming region, steeped in tradition! In our proposed experiences, we invite you to explore this unique territory, discover it more personally, and get to know the hospitable community that leaves us with smiles and fond memories, exploring its arts and crafts preserved with pride, learning, and sharing. An unforgettable experience that will make you take a piece of our region with you.

Explore the city center of Aveiro, where canals cut through the urban landscape adorned with art nouveau architecture. Indulge in traditional sweets such as “ovos moles,” “pão de ló” from Ovar, “tripas” from Aveiro, or “arroz doce” from Estarreja.
Immerse yourself in the natural and wild side of the region, and explore the historic Ria de Aveiro, a special place for bird lovers and anyone seeking moments of tranquility and absolute peace. Enter the famous shipyards where traditional “barcos moliceiros” are built, keeping the art of shipbuilding alive. Engage in conversation with the master builders and gain a deep understanding of this symbol of our region.

Witness the “Arte Xávega” on the region’s beaches, participate in the process, mingle with the fishermen, and be amazed by their passion for their land.

Feeling creative? Then it’s the perfect time to visit the tile ateliers and appreciate this art form that tells stories of local culture and adorns the
buildings of the region.

You can’t finish your visit without experiencing the tradition of manual weaving. Discover the art of “esteiras de bunho,” handmade mats made from thin strips of rush, and the “cangas de bois,” wooden yokes painted with vibrant colors that evoke a bygone era of rural life.

Lastly, admire the ceramics of the Aveiro region. Immerse yourself even further. Unleash your creativity and inspiration in the workshops of our region and create your own pieces!

The region of Aveiro is a treasure trove of artisanal traditions. It offers an enriching experience for art and culture enthusiasts.

A creative tourism project

Ria Viv'Arte is a project developed by AIDA CCI - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Aveiro District.