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One of the oldest traditions in Portugal is the art of handmade ceramics, with a history that dates back to the 16th century with the production of white ceramics.

A very important region for this art has always been the region of Aveiro, known for producing plates, glasses, and vases. The ceramic artwork draws inspiration from the natural elements of earth, air, and water, featuring depictions of fish, birds, and flowers that often pay homage to our country’s rich traditions.   

about the ceramics in the Aveiro region

A reference in the painting of porcelain ceramics.

Vista Alegre had an essential social dynamic in the Aveiro regionthrough the “Bairro Operário,” located in the factory’s surroundings and serving as housing for workers, including services and cultural activities for their daily recreation. Many craftspeople who dedicated themselves to this art worked or learned from people who worked in this factory and lived in the Bairro Operário (Workers’ Quarter).

Nowadays, traditional techniques are still used in the creation of ceramic pieces, but the design is more contemporary, making the artists create unique and creative pieces which are valued all over the world.

Ceramics in the Aveiro region is still an important local tradition, present in various shops and workshops. Many have their atelier where you can watch the production of a piece, create one or take workshops to learn the techniques.

Portugal’s artisans are known for making the most beautiful pieces, and the region is famous for its tiles, wall tiles, and decorative ceramics, many of which are hand-made in local workshops.

experience ceramics in the Aveiro region

A decorative, colourful, and traditional art

There are a few places where you can witness and experience the process of ceramic creation in the Aveiro region, watching up close the mastery of the hands of the best craftspeople in the region. Ceramics are an essential part of Aveiro’s history and culture, and visiting one of the local workshops is a unique and fulfilling experience for visitors.

The Oficina da Formiga, in Ílhavo, occasionally holds some workshops. However, if you are interested in making or painting the pieces when visiting the workshop, Jorge and Milu are the right people to show you how the workshop works and what magic they do inside those 4 walls.

At Pássaro de Seda atelier, in Aveiro, you can take advantage of ceramics workshops and other experiences to learn this art, improve some techniques, create ideas, and share good moments with this community.

The Vista Alegre factory in the Aveiro region has a museum with memories of the production of its pieces and the history of ceramics. The museum has guided tours to the museum and the workers’ quarter, pottery, and painting workshop, where you can admire the delicate work of painting pieces.

Not to be missed in Aveiro Region

Get to know the artisans

Visit the region of Aveiro and contribute to the valorisation of local craftspeople and the preservation of regional handicrafts and wisdom

The artists of the Aveiro region preserve traditional techniques of the region handed down from generation to generation, produce high-quality and unique products, use sustainable techniques and materials, promote the local economy, and allow the customization of products. All of these reasons help to keep alive the culture and history of the Aveiro region, as well as offering visitors exclusive and sustainable products.

Embark on one of the four experiences we have created for you.

Experiences to

Enjoy on rainy days

In the region of Aveiro, on rainy days, there is plenty to see and do. Indoor activities include fascinating museums and interactive experiences promoting leisure and fun moments in enclosed environments.
Experiences to

Explore as a student

The region of Aveiro boasts a rich history, architectural and artistic diversity, and a solid connection to the Ria de Aveiro, which has always influenced the region's local culture. Are you studying in Aveiro? Immerse yourself in the local culture.
Experiences to

De-stress after work

Throughout the year, the region of Aveiro offers various enjoyable activities to make the most of the last rays of sunshine at the end of the day and unwind relaxedly.
Experiences to

Learn from the masters

The region of Aveiro is renowned for its rich artisanal tradition and the variety of arts and crafts. If you love local culture, take advantage of your days in the Aveiro region to visit and learn from the masters, the true guardians of cultural and traditional wisdom.