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craftsmanship in the Aveiro region 

Bunho Mats

Nowadays, the Bunho mats are considered a handicraft product of great cultural and historical value for the Aveiro region.

Originally made from a plant that grew in the Ria de Aveiro lagoon area, these were used to protect large objects for ship export.

about the bunho mats in the Aveiro region

From a necessity to a decorative piece

The bunho mats, made out of a plant that grew in the lagoon area of the Ria de Aveiro, were used to protect large objects for export. Ships transporting materials would often line their wagons with these mats to ensure that everything remained secure during the journey.

In the Aveiro region, bunho mats were also used to protect corn to dry on the threshing floors and to place under mattresses of straw to make them harder. Today the mats are used only as craftsmanship and are sold in the traditional market.

Although this art was practiced throughout the year, it was mainly in winter, when agricultural work was scarce, that women, especially, dedicated to the manufacture of bunho mats to obtain a financial income.

Currently, the Bunho Mats are considered a craft product of great cultural and historical value for the Aveiro region, primarily used for decoration. From a necessity to a decorative piece.

The traditional making of bunho mats by Natália de Jesus, in Frossos, is certified.

experience the bunho mats in the Aveiro region

An art almost forgotten but kept alive in the Aveiro region

The making of bunho mats is an art that few craftspeople still do. If you want to know more about and witness this art, some events and exhibitions are held occasionally in the Aveiro region, which seeks to safeguard and keep alive these customs.

The Bunho and Junco Festival in Anadia aims to bring together the artists linked to this art and recover their experiences tied to Bunho and Junco. At this celebration, you can find stands with craftspeople from all over the country exhibiting their work and demonstrating the process of making pieces from Bunho and Junco. You can also find more information about fairs and exhibitions at the tourism office of Anadia.

Get to know the craftswoman

Visit the region of Aveiro and contribute to the recognition of local craftspeople and the preservation of regional handicrafts and wisdom.

The local artists of the Aveiro region preserve the traditional techniques passed on from generation to generation, produce high-quality and unique products, use sustainable techniques and materials, promote the local economy and allow the customization of products. All of these reasons work towards keeping alive the culture and history of the Aveiro region, as well as offering visitors exclusive and sustainable products.

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