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The region of Aveiro is famous for its historical tiles, many of which feature nautical designs such as boats and fish, reflecting the region’s maritime history.

Tile artistry is highly prevalent in central Portugal, particularly in the region of Aveiro, due to the popularity of the baroque style on building facades.

about the tiles artistry in the Aveiro Region

Living Tile CityMuseum

Ovar is considered the Living Tile City Museum – a title bestowed by Rafael Salinas Calado (the first director of the National Tile Museum in Lisbon). This decorative art form is a distinctive heritage element that defines the city’s history.

The oldest traces of tilework found in Ovar date back to the 16th century (Hispano-Arabic tiles discovered in the Matriz Church), becoming an undeniable paradigm in the 19th and 20th centuries, driven by social, artistic, and industrial transformation. The tiles were concentrated in the streets where the principal commercial, political, and religious services were located.

Oliveira do Bairro also boasts a remarkable tile heritage, with 1974 houses – around 22% of the total number of houses in the municipality – adorned with tiles that embellish, preserve, and enhance the facades of the buildings. The city of Aveiro is also a must-visit destination for those seeking to explore tile art, with the Aveiro Railway Station standing out as one of the main attractions for this thematic visit.

Did you know that tiles artistry work is an essential part of the culture and heritage of the Aveiro region? The use of tiles as decoration is a distinctive characteristic of Portuguese architecture. It can be seen in buildings throughout the country.

experience the tiles artistry work in the Aveiro region

An essential part of the patrimony of the Aveiro region

The School of Arts and Crafts of Ovar promotes various activities and projects aimed at investigating, safeguarding, and restoring historical facades with tiles and providing a more informed visiting experience for those seeking to discover the city’s tile heritage. Here are some of the most emblematic projects:

  • ELA Spaces, inspired by the concept of tiles as decorative, geometric, and repetitive elements, delve into the universe of symmetries, mathematics, creative deconstruction, and the creation of new elements and tiles.
  • Tiles’ Street is a guided tour exploring the world of tiles and everything you encounter. It covers decoration techniques, the reasons behind the city’s tile characteristics, the stories behind the tiled walls, the houses, the families, and the narratives they hold.
  • The “Go for a walk” game is an opportunity to embark on the Tile Route, either independently or accompanied (according to the visitor’s preference), in search of a specific tile in the city.

At Sombra D’Arte Atelier in Oliveira do Bairro, Carlinda Santos offers workshops every Saturday afternoon. She occasionally welcomes groups to learn at her studio.

At Don Duarte, in Anadia, the atelier owned by Mr. Agostinho Duarte, there is the opportunity, by appointment, for people to paint their own tile and take it home with them.

Must-see in the Aveiro Region

Meet the artisans

Visit the Aveiro region and contribute to valorizing local artisans and preserving regional crafts and knowledge.

Artisans in the Aveiro region preserve traditional techniques passed down through generations, producing high-quality and unique products. They use sustainable methods and materials, promote the local economy, and offer personalized products. All these reasons contribute to keeping the culture and history of the Aveiro region alive while providing visitors exclusive and sustainable products.

Embark on one of the four experiences we have created for you.

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Enjoy on rainy days

In the region of Aveiro, on rainy days, there is plenty to see and do. Indoor activities include fascinating museums and interactive experiences promoting leisure and fun moments in enclosed environments.
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Explore as a student

The region of Aveiro boasts a rich history, architectural and artistic diversity, and a solid connection to the Ria de Aveiro, which has always influenced the region's local culture. Are you studying in Aveiro? Immerse yourself in the local culture.
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De-stress after work

Throughout the year, the region of Aveiro offers various enjoyable activities to make the most of the last rays of sunshine at the end of the day and unwind relaxedly.
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Learn from the masters

The region of Aveiro is renowned for its rich artisanal tradition and the variety of arts and crafts. If you love local culture, take advantage of your days in the Aveiro region to visit and learn from the masters, the true guardians of cultural and traditional wisdom.