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Experiences to

explore as a student in Aveiro

The Aveiro region has a rich history, architectural and artistic diversity, and an umbilical connection to the Ria de Aveiro, which has always influenced the region’s local culture. Are you studying in Aveiro? Let yourself be involved in the local culture.

Are you studying in Aveiro and want to know more about the region’s culture?

Let yourself be involved in the culture of the Aveiro region and discover the local community’s arts and crafts.

Here are some suggestions of places you cannot miss in order to get to know the roots of the culture of the Aveiro Region while you study in the city of Aveiro. Let yourself be involved in the region’s culture and discover the arts and crafts which characterise the local community. Visit and actively participate in the activities and experiences we propose, which are unique and can only be lived here. From museums to shipbuilding yards to Xávega art and handicrafts, accompany us on this unforgettable sensory journey and collect memorable moments guaranteed to stay engraved in your memory!

Arte Xávega Rede | Arte Xávega fishing nets |Riv'arte

Fishing nets of Xávega Art

Murtosa e Vagos

Assistir à Arte Xávega ao vivo | Riv'arte | Art Xavega

Watch Art Xávega live

Murtosa e Vagos

Navio-Museu Santo André | Ria viv'Arte | Santo André Ship-Museum

Santo André Ship-Museum


Casa do Tear | Ria viv'Arte | Weaving

Weaving with Anabela Tavares at Casa do Tear


Oficina da Formiga Atelier

Oficina da Formiga Atelier


Estaleiro - Museu do Monte Branco | Ria Viv'Arte | Shipyard-Museum of Monte Branco

Shipyard-Museum of Monte Branco


experiência ria viv'arte estudante | Vai passear - Game go for a walk



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    Visiting the Aveiro region means learning centuries-old traditions and experiencing a historical regional culture.

    9 municipalities, one single region

    1 hour from Porto and about 2 hours from Lisbon, the Aveiro Region is composed of 9 municipalities: Albergaria-a-Velha, Anadia, Aveiro, Estarreja, Ílhavo, Murtosa, Oliveira do Bairro, Ovar,  and Vagos. It is a unique and charming region where the Ria de Aveiro plays an outstanding role due to its biodiversity and everything associated with it, from gastronomy and regional traditions to arts and crafts, passed from generation to generation.

    The Aveiro region combines urban centres full of life with immense architectural beauty, stunning landscapes, abundant natural resources, and 50 km of coastline. With a wide tourist offer, bathing, nature, and thermal tourism are the most sought-after attractions.

    Traditions that last through time

    Rich in traditions linked to the Ria de Aveiro – from “Xávega” art to naval construction – an architectural heritage where the tiles, the baroque and art nouveau stand out, an unmistakable regional gastronomy and confectionery, a diverse natural landscape and several excellent cultural facilities, the Aveiro region is welcoming and hospitable.

    Let yourself be charmed by the local culture, traditions, and regional arts and crafts, taste the delicious gastronomy, and discover the architectural heritage of the 9 municipalities. The Aveiro region is ideal for those seeking natural beauty, history, and culture. Lose yourself in the charms of the Aveiro region by discovering all its corners.