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“Buga” Bike tour, in Aveiro


Exploring the Aveiro Region on two wheels is a must-do when visiting.
You can embark on a “Buga” bike tour in the charming city of Aveiro. The “Bugas” are free-to-use bicycles the municipality provides. Pedal through Aveiro’s charming neighborhoods and marvel at the stunning Art Nouveau architecture and Ria de Aveiro landscapes.

As you cycle, don’t forget to stop at the Salt Pans, an iconic attraction in Aveiro. Learn about the traditional salt harvesting methods and witness the mesmerizing salt flats stretching out before you.

It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the region’s heritage and appreciate the centuries-old salt production that has shaped its identity.

The “Buga” bike tour offers an unforgettable experience, allowing you to explore the region at your own pace and immerse yourself in its captivating ambiance. Whether you’re a leisurely rider or an avid cyclist, this tour suits all skill levels, making it a fantastic activity for families, friends, and solo travelers.

So grab a “Buga” bike, embark on an adventure, and create lasting memories as you uncover the hidden gems of Aveiro. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to discover the city’s charms in a fun and eco-friendl

Praça do Mercado 2, 3800-095, Aveiro
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free of charge: 2 hours
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